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It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. -Voltaire

Selected Criminal Trials

McCraw Gantt only accepts selected cases for representation in criminal matters. But if we do represent you, rest assured that we are fully aware the only thing between your freedom and the awesome power of the government is your lawyer.

The sweetest words in the English language are "NOT GUILTY". In each case, it takes a great deal of time, hard work and preparation to aggressively defend a criminal charge. At McCraw Gantt, we strive to give you the greatest possible chance of being exonerated. Each case is a search for the truth. It takes a great deal of investigation, fact-finding, preparation, research, and, when appropriate, use of expert witnesses to properly present the fact of your case. We have the passion, experience and resources to aggressively pursue justice for you.

Allegations of criminal conduct have extremely serious consequences and attorneys at McCraw Gantt understand the necessity to expend the time and resources in representing their clients. Our attorneys have obtained many acquittals in trials before judges and juries, and we have also successfully handled criminal matters in the appellate courts. The following are examples of the kinds of criminal cases we work on: