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Personal Injury

Anyone who has not experienced the loneliness, isolation, depression and financial devastation of a catastrophic personal injury can never fully understand and appreciate a crippling injury or illness. Wrongful death of a loved one, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, severe burns, birth injuries and other serious injuries often overwhelm those whose families are directly affected by them. Medical expenses and insurance forms cram your mailbox for months on end. Going out means going to the hospital for tests or to the doctor's office. Day after day, you are often stuck at home, unable to work, unable to care for yourself, often even unable to drive, with nothing but time on your hands. Your friends and family try to understand, but you are afraid you are a burden to them. You have always worked hard and not sought handouts of any kind, but you are now totally dependent on others and this takes a very real toll on your psyche. As expenses pile up and your income is cut, you see a lifetime of work and savings vanishing before your eyes. Will you be able to live in your home? Can you maintain health insurance? Will your savings be exhausted before you are well enough, if possible, to continue working?

These are the types of questions our clients often face. Often in the most serious injury cases, the recovery we seek for our clients is more about seeking a future for them, rather than truly making them whole—a future where they can afford good care and a sense of well-being. For the survivor of a catastrophic injury or the wrongful death of a loved one, it is not about greed, it is about economic survival. We understand that most people who have been injured in this manner have very limited resources to develop their case and pursue the persons and companies who should be held accountable for the injuries.

For that reason, our representation in these claims is typically provided on a contingent fee basis, meaning that if we do not recover monetary compensation for our clients, we do not charge anything for our services. This makes our advocacy available to those who may have limited or no financial means to devote to the cost of litigation when it really does matter the most. Fee structure is discussed with clients at the outset of their case. The court costs of preparing the lawsuit and other expenses can be paid by either our firm or you depending upon a number of factors. Costs are also discussed with clients at the outset of the case.

As a result of our high standard of practice and personal commitment to our clients' needs, we are not able to represent all of the people who ask for our help. But we always evaluate a potential case and quickly determine if we will be able to work on it—if we cannot, we will make a referral to a qualified peer in the legal community upon request.